Select multiple deformation points

Hello, I know you can select multiple (curve) points on a deformer with SHIFT or CTRL by clicking on them one by one, but I was wondering if it was possible to select points using a lasso selection (preferrably when using the transformation tool).
As far as I know it is not possible at the moment, would be a handy feature when working on characters with beards or other elements that have a lot of control points.

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We second that. The Free Form deformer is a powerful addition to the deformation toolkit. But without being able to select multiple points quickly and easily (if you accidentally miss-click while making a selection, the artwork below will be selected and you have to start re-selecting deformers one by one again), this makes it so much of a hassle to work with efficiently.

At the least we need a lasso or marquee selection, as Mantichore suggested.

Ideally, we would be able to preset a selection of points that you often need to deform together, so that you can select them all with a single click.