select more than 1 layer at time

HiI need to resize some layers on the same panel at the same time but I cannot to select more than 1 layer at time… By example, the director wants one scene a bit more open than the storyboarder drew, so, the question is to select all the layers and resize them a bit more little… there is some way to do it without merge the layers? by example, in the way that you can do it on Digital Pro, creating, by example, 2 or 3 layers, creating a peg with these layers inside, and then, you can resize all the layers from out of the peg, without need to merge them… If this is not possible, there is the only solution to open shot with the camera? so, if it’s the only way, this camera change affects on something if you wants to export the project to digital Pro? (I see it makes bigger the size of the file, and by effect, slower to work with it)thanksdavid

You can’t do it with pegs in Storyboard Pro. Doing the Camera change would be best. As for what it does in Digital Pro it shouldn’t affect anything. When you look at your scene in DP you will see that it rendered a sequence of images with all the layers merged anyway unless you do some advanced technique of replacing the level with the assets from the local library.

ok, I seethanks for your answer. It helped mebest regardsdavid

hi again… about resize some layers at time, I found a new way to do it too, similar to how works the peg tool in digital pro… It’s not the original use for this tool, but I tell you because maybe this is useful for somebody too… the question is that some times I need to resize more than 1 layer, but not all of the layers… then, the camera trick don’t works, because I dont want to resize all the layers opening shot and remaining the shot all the time… So, the solution is to use the Transform tool… I see that if I have by example, 3 layers, 1 of them blocked, I can select with this tool the other 2 layers at the same time (dragging over the draw), and resize all that I selected at the same time… after, I only do to select the Layer End position from start position… this works for mebest regards

That’s right. I forgot about that. I had seen that but forgot about it. :stuck_out_tongue: