Select Lines/Fills only


I often use Harmony to create illustrations and background drawings.
When doing this I don’t separate Line Art from Colour Art (BTW I do not systematically separate them in regular rigs neither) in order to speed up my workflow. All my art work is drawn on the same art layer.

However, it happens a lot that I would like to select only the lines (e.g. in order to edit their colour). That’s why I think that it would be great if there was a mode allowing the user to select only the lines/fills independantly from the concept of art layer levels (Line Art, Colour Art, …)

Another approach could be to have the possibility to unselect lines or fills (=strokes?).

And, of course,it would be great if this function could be applied to several drawings (nodes) at the same time.

Group just the line art, then add the fill to your drawing. now you can choose just the line art or the color art independently.
you can do the unselect thing kinda sorta with the selection tool by holding down shift to select and unselect parts of your drawing but not with the cutter tool or the contour editor tool that would be great if we could though.


thank you for the tip. But, I would like to keep the possibility to select lines of certain zones in order to treat them separatly. Grouping lines would force me to treat them as a block.

So, the feature I’m looking for would be either:
a mode allowing the user to only select lines (availabe for the Selction Tool, Cutter and Curve Editor)


a function to remove (unselect) ALL the lines or fills from the selection.