Select lasso tool useable on override without clicking..

I could swear I used to be able to do this with my Animate 1 copy… I’ve been doing my dayjob work outside of TB software for a while and have, in the meantime, recently acquired both a new computer and Harmony 10 standalone.

Basically, as I recall it, I used to be able to set one of the buttons on my wacom stylus to keystroke ‘v’ (using the Flash shortcuts) and be able to lasso-select items without actually making contact with the stylus tip. It was fairly default behavior, as I don’t recall having to set anything up special for it. I just got everything configured today on the new system (mostly getting the cintiq’s buttons configured), and haven’t been able to replicate that. (It was really freaking useful…)

Am I just dreaming, or is it something that’s changed between software grades? And does anybody know a way to make that work again? My reflexes keep trying to do it, and I hate those kinds of adjustment-periods if they can be avoided.

I don’t think that was possible. You seem to always have to make a selection by applying the stylus on the tablet. Maybe what you are thinking about is that the Select tool is temporally activated as long as you have the V key pressed. When releasing it the application goes back to the main tool.