Select by color

Hi. I’m working with STORYBOARD PRO 2
And my process to draw is do first the sketch in blue and after with a clean line in black, do the clean up for the draw.
The thing is, that I would to remove the blue color fast, selecting all blue lines just in one step, like I can do in TOON BOOM ANIMATE, if that is possible.

Thank you

In storyboard pro 2 select by colour no longer works when I select the colour in the colour palette. It only works by directly selecting the colour in the drawing window.

This is not good. It makes it harder to select multiple colours. Also the colour I’m selecting in the drawing window sometimes shifts when I select it, very annoying.

Bring back the full functionality of select by colour that we had in 1.6

Also if I’m selecting lines sometimes it is hard to select the right one without selecting the fill colour I’ve painted behind. It means I have to zoom way in to hit the right pixels instead of just picking the colour from the palette.

It is definitely in version consulting version that we have at Rough Draft Studios.

I use it all the time. Miss it greatly in the new SB2 SP1

you definitely could select from
the colour palette in 1.6 i have just done it

With your Select tool active, in the Tool Properties window there’s an option for “Select by Colour”. With this option active just click on the blue.


There was no ability to select colours directly from the colour palette in 1.6 that I was aware of. I also checked with the team and they weren’t aware of any functionality like that.

I can, however, submit a feature request for this one.


I’m investigating this one with the team. If it was there, it might have been a side effect rather than a feature. Either way I’ve submitted a request to have it added in.