select a layer in the timeline from the camera view

Hi, when dealing with many layers, it would be convenient to be able to have a shortcut to select form the camera view, which layer I’m dealing with in the timeline. I believe I had such a shortcut in Animate pro, but can’t remember it or find its equivalent in Harmony.

.Hi again, yes I checked, but that doesn’t seem to work the way I need it to: when I’m in my camera view with multiple layers, I want to be able to select within the camera view a particular layer that will therefore be also selected in the timeline. it’s like a “live” selecting tool, that would place automatically the selected layer on top, I guess. again, I used to be able to do this somehow in Animate pro.
thx again

Yes I just tried in animate pro, and actually there’s nothing to do, a soon as I click while pressing S on a particular layer in the the camera view, that layer is selected and is also selected in the timeline. Can’t get the same thing to work in Harmony, yet…

You should be able to have the layer selected on the timeline by clicking on it on the camera view with the transform tool, then going to the timeline and pressing ‘O’ OR clicking on the icon ‘centre on selection’.

As I said, alternatively, you can go to the icon on lower left corner of the timeline and select the option ‘Selection Only Mode’. When you have that option selected you will ONLY see on the timeline the layer that you clicked on the camera view.

Luis Canau

so I need to desactivate the mouse window selection first. ok I’ll try! thx a lot. yes I work with easily up to a hundred layers so it’s a problem to find the right layer on the timeline!

When you click on a layer on the camera you can go to the Timeline (the Timeline must be ‘active’ with the red border, click somewhere on the top, except if you have the option of activating windows with mouse over) and press ‘o’. You can also click the icon Centre on Selection on the Timeline toolbar (if not visible, right-click and select Timeline View). The icon is on the right of Remove Key Exposure (‘K-’), looks like a magnifier over a layer.

An alternative is to go to the icon on the bottom left of the Timeline and change from Normal View Mode to Selection Only Mode. When this is selected you only see the layer you click on the Camera view. It’s pretty useful for complex timelines.

Luis Canau