Seemingly random shipping rates!

Okay, when you are ordering Animate, the selection page (download vs shipped, platform, etc) says shipping is $10 US… The next page (totals) shows it (in Canada/US) as $20 US… and in the FAQ, it lists it at $15 US!

What the heck???

And, why do they lump US and Canada as one rate?? It should be cheaper in Canada, since it doesn’t have to cross the border. $25 CAN (converted price) is a lot for shipment within Canada.

They also claim they charge 7%GST… Um, GST is 5%. Probably didn’t update the FAQ, but that’s sloppy… and considering this is their stated policy presented to purchasers, they should be a bit more careful about what they are posting.

Hi Laer,

Sorry about the confusion, we just updated the shipping cost recently and we haven’t updated the FAQ yet. This will be one promptly. Thanks for reporting.

Now to help understand the charges, the 10$ extra for the box (on the product page) that is a flat fee for everyone (these are handling charges to help cover for the box, manual, packaging material and handling costs).

Then the 20$ is for the actual shipping costs. We recently increased by 5$ our shipping rates for north america because this is what the shipping company is charging us.

It’s true it’s a bit more expensive to ship to the US then in Canada but with the company we are working with it’s the difference is not significant for most states and provinces.

That said, we are currently working on a better partnership with a new shipping company to allow more pricing options including charges by state or province as well as type of shipping (next, 3 days, 5 days) we are currently shipping next day exclusively.

We hope to be able to satisfy more customers by offering more personalize shipping costs.


Thanks for the clarification.

Okay, that said, if I order online (download or shipped), is the price calculation displayed in the checkout then accurate? I just want to make sure there’s no surprises.

Is it correct that the promotion price for Animate is until Dec 25th?

Also, just to verify, does the boxed version come with a physical manual?


The boxed version comes with DVD casing for the software CD and the getting started manual in printed format (160 pages which contains 13 chapters covering how to use the software). You will also find within the help of the software a pdf covering each and every function of the software (this one does not have any printed version yet).

As for the pricing since the software is not leaving the country all the taxes are already calculated in the price shown online and you will not have to pay any extra upon reception of the box. Be aware that your key will be provided to you by e-mail and you will also have access to a downloadable version of the software right after the purchase of the software to be able to start right away (it is not limited to the box).

Finally yes the promotion pricing is active until December 25th 2008.

Best regards,


Excellent. Thanks for your help clarifying all that…