Seeking some hardware insight

Right now I have the V3 TBS …I think its great but I need some info on 2 quick issues.

I travel a lot on my job …in fact right now I’m in a hotel …so I’m in the market for a lap-top. I look at the tablet Cintiq from wacom, like the idea that TBS recommends this machine …but its a bit costlly for me. Is there another tablet PC …thats comparable out there …if you have specific experience with the machine I’d like to hear it.

Also, at home I have the old graphire 3 tablet. I think its ok …but wonder if a cordless machine would not be even better. Plus …even to date I still have to place a sheet of paper across the slippery surface to draw. Do you guys know if Wacom addressed this slippery problem with any of its better models (say less than $250)!

I’m also thinking …rather than buying a tablet PC …why not buy a basic laptop in my price range ($1200) plus a blue-tooth tablet …to use on the road or at home. Any insight would help …if the $2000 + Cintiq tablets are absolutely worth it I may swallow hard and get it. Especially if I can be convinced that drawing on the surface feels more natural than the existing slippery Graphire 3 tablet. Otherwise …no way a sheet of paper would help me solve that $2000+ problem!

I’m also a bit sceptical about the other …cheaper tablet PC’s just because it seems those machine are not really built for what i want to do …animating. Rather it seems they are just built for people trying to avoid the regular lap-top keyboard! Only the Cintque seems to be built with TBS in mind!

Not sure which way to go at this point. In April I bought/built a new desktop PC …upgraded to V3 on TBS. When I’m home things are great …but now I spend about 2 hours a week or less using it. Thats not what I envisioned when I bought the equipment. Still its not a total waste …because I think having this means i can skimp on other assesories when I buy a laptop/tablet PC. For example …I won’t care as much about HD, or having a DVD burner etc …all I care about is have a decent processor and memory expandability! I can always transfer my work periodically to my desktop.

For that specific price range I would definitely look into an iBook 14’, paired with the bluetooth tablet and Toon Boom is a phenomenal setup. If youve never gone Mac before I would definitely check it out. The new ones are on par with powerbooks and are bluetooth enabled, check it out

Hey Tiger,

The Cintiqs are not really suitable for traveling. These are quite big and heavy. Plus you need to carry a computer plus the Cintiq.

I think you have two options:

Wacom Penabled Tablet PC:
Perfect fit for travelers because you have one compact and light device to travel with. But you might encounter some performance and usability issues with TBS.

Laptop with Wacom Tablet:
2 devices to travel with but better performances and overall usability.

It’s up to you !

My two cents,

Tiger, I can’t speak for compatability issues of TBS with the TabletPCs, but I just recently bought a Cintiq and it’s completely changed computer art for me. Both myself and a good friend of mine are full time illustrators and animators. I’ve struggled with computer illustration for years because my Intuos tablet was never a good substitute for a pad of paper. I could never get over the disconnect of drawing elsewhere and having it appear on the screen. Both of us always drew on paper, and then scanned the drawings in to manipulate them, but rarely did we draw the originals on computer because we couldn’ do as good a job. I just bought a Cintiq and he just bought the highest-end Toshiba Portege TabletPC. Within a month, our work habits have been completely changing. His lifestyle is portable like yours, so the Tablet PC was the best choice, mine is fixed, which made a Cintiq appropriate for me. Anyways, aside from technical considerations, both of our speeds doing computer art have drastically increased by drawing directly on the screen. It has literally improved my drawing over twice the speed it used to take me. I can’t rave enough about the Cintiq. I’m taking on animation jobs that I never would have done (because they wouldn’t fit in the client’s budget doing it the old way.) My friend also loves his tablet. It’s sped up his time drastically enabling him to completely bypass the paper stage as well. That’s just some friendly advice speaking more to the quality of life considerations.

Getting close to pulling the trigger on this purchase. Its awfull sitting in an hotel room for a week without doing some animation.
I am leaning towards a regular laptop+the Intous2 tablet …here’s why:

I found out the Cintiq is just a graphic tablet …please correct me if I’m wrong on this. I was under the impression that this doubles as a regular PC. I want the machine only …only to do animation …mind you …but for $2000+ thats a huge limitation to live with.

Second, I see no place to try before I buy. If for some reason I don’t find using the tablet as natural as advirtised …I’m screwed! Its not like I can put a paper over it like I do now using the Graphire Wacom tablet I have.

Which leads me to the 3rd point. I like Wacom product, THEODDITY mentioned an un-natural hand-eye coordination feel using the drawing tablet. I feared this when I first bought my Wacom … but the equipment is precise …and I quickly got use to using it. What I will never get used to is the slick-surface of the graphire model! To date I have to place a sheet of paper over it to draw.

So for the tiimes when I use my desktop …having the Intuos2 will be good as well. And I assume here that the Intous has a better feel than the graphire … did some reading and read where this is the case …but I must confirm that myself.

Finally, I heard good things about the Toshiba tablets…that may be the wild card here because it also doubles as a regular PC as well.

THEODDITY, I wonder if you can give me your e-mail address so I can send you a sample of my work. You sound as if your actually making a living doing this stuff…I have a day job …and this is purly a hobby …for now. Maybe you can tell how good/bad I am. I don’t have the time to actually set up a website yet. My address is

I think if I plunk down the money for a new machine I may try to kick start an idea I’ve been mulling over…for a few months now.

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