Seeking Advice for Adding Shadow

Hello! Like the title says, I am seeking advice for how best to keep line-art layers clean and how to apply tone to a character in animation.

In my last short film production, we separated each layer of the character on its own layer (hairBack, neck, face, vest, etc) so that, when we painted the character, we could select “Apply to All Frames” and not have to worry about the paint bucket grabbing the wrong area of the character. We did flat colors only, no shade or highlight.

In my current short film production, we are experimenting with how to incorporate shadow and light. If we continue to ink each asset on its own layer, we won’t be able to use the Tone effect very intuitively. If we ink everything on the same layer, we will slow down our painting process. If we use Strokes, we’ll have to go through each layer of line-art.

My production is using Toon Boom Advanced and isn’t likely to upgrade to Premium. Does anyone have any suggestions for how best to set up hand-drawn, non-rigged character animation to efficiently paint AND apply shadow?

Step 1: Remove the Background with Few Clicks. PhotoScissors removes background for you, this operation takes literally few seconds.
Step 2: Drop Shadow. …
Step 3: Fine-Tune the Shadow and Save the Result. …
Step 4: Save the Result
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