Seeing only white silhouette of drawing in Camera View instead of Art layers (Line and Color Art)

Hi Everyone,

New to the forum so lemme jump in:

I rigged up a dude and for some reason his “Jaw” Line and Color Art have been replaced by a white silhouette…all is connected properly but still no luck. I did a few keys and honestly cant tell if it occurred in the Keying or in the rigging.

Lemme try to get a screen grab to show you guys.

The Attached Image shows the drawing view torn off with the art layers clearly visible. The camera view shows the problem that I am having followed by the node view which is a simple heirarchy setup.

I have tried

Disconnecting and reconnecting the node from the composite.
Duplicating the drawing. When I did a substitution drawing, i couldnt see it…only the stokes were visible.
Created a new drawing and there was no visibility in the Camera View still.
The only remedy I can think of is connect a new drawing layer and copy the pivot points and animation keys across the timeline. (Bummer)

Note. The Drawing node and Peg nodes have Color codes so thats why they have a white and black color next to the peg…fig yall know that already though…jus saying.

So yeah…chime in if you got a clue…Thanks alot in advance

Hey Storyplay!

Hmmm, have you checked if you didn’t accidentally turn on outline mode?

Totally worked! Thank you very much. Time to get paid!