seeing masks in the render view?

Iv just been doing some bits of masking they show up fine in the working GL view but when i switch over to the render view they disappear! Can any one help me??? ???

That is exactly what’s happening. Everything works fine in the OpenGL, the mask work in the OpenGL but as soon as i click on the render view the masks disappear. I also have other effects on the layers and I’m working in animate 2. Any ideas what causeing it?


sorry its taken me awhile to reply i was away for the week.
here is the screen shot
any ideas what could cause it. As i said it works perfectly in the open gl view but as soon as i render the mask effect disappear leaving the drawings i was using as masks visible. hope u can help

i forgot to add these
this is the open GL view
and this is the render view

that all sounds correct. do i need to have the mask as a solid colour? and should i just use one mask layer for the thing?

On another note is there training course you can do in toonboom animate?

cheers lilly

lilly your a genius it worked :slight_smile: just taking the transparency off the colour worked :slight_smile: thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou :slight_smile:

It’s a little bit unclear from your wording exactly what you are doing. Do you have one drawing layer that is acting as a mask, and another drawing layer that is your source drawing, and then it seems to mask fine in OpenGL but doesn’t mask it in Render view?


Can you do me a favour and attach a screenshot of your timeline with all the effects you have on it, and a screenshot of OpenGL and Render views? You can upload your screenshots to a free site like Photobucket then post the links here.


When I first took a look at your timeline I thought perhaps it might have been the motion blur that was the problem, and so I went ahead and tried to re-create the setup with a motion blur and a mask, and that went just fine.

Then taking a second look at your timeline I tried to figure out exactly what was masking what. When I look at your timeline, it looks like each layer has its own mask. It looks like this:

Mask_2 - uses jug_mask as a mask
bottom_finger - uses finger_mask_1 as a mask - the motion blur also has its own mask but nothing is connected to it
thumb - uses milk_mask as a mask - once again the motion blur also has its own mask but nothing’s connected to it

Does this sound right?

The colour that you used to paint your masks is not semi-transparent, is it?





Oh and by the way, the reason that it has to be a solid colour is that you might want to have a mask that’s not a solid colour - you might want to partially mask something, or obscure it, or something - so it takes Alpha into account.

For training, we can offer some online sessions or we can train people in person. Best thing to do is contact to discuss the various options.