see imported image in high quality in the open gl view

is there any way to see the imported images in high quality (without have to go to the render view)?

i think this is absolutely important! when i scan a draw, and want to redraw in toon boom, i want to see the image in high quality!

im search in the preferences, but i cant find anything.



Hi, There,
You can enable the Full Scene Antialiasing under Preferences / OpenGL
Is that you are looking for regarding high quality ?

thanks for the answer whuang. but thats not what im looking for.

when you import a image, you see it in low quality. the only way to see in high quality is by clicking on “render view” but this is really annoying. i want to see the imported image in high quality in the open gl view.

When you select an image layer, you can go to top menu View and use the item : Bitmap Image Quality…

This will let you adjust the quality visible in OpenGL view.

fgrossin! thanks a lot!! that was exactly what i was looking for!!!

Welcome ! :slight_smile:

I use Bitmap Image Quality quite a bit as its quite handy to build mask lines for a cutter, and so forth. However I notice that after a small while, the image reverts back to a low rez state without me having done anything to it. The Image Quality slider is still where I set it at. If I nudge the slider a bit, it seems to refresh the image. However, the image quality should remain where I set it, no?