Secondary motion

Hello everyone, was away for some time working on a project, now I am back learning with the Animate Pro PLE.

So far, I really like Animate Pro 2, it is very solid, has very good drawing tools, top notch colour management etc.

Only thing I cant figure out is how to add some secondary motion on top of my cut-out animation.

Here is an example of what I mean, done in another software, so I hope this is acceptable in here.

This is Sasuke, a character from the Ponyo movie I reproduced for learning purpose. It is made of 9 different parts and animated walking from left to right.

On top of the cut-out animation I added some secondary motion, like the hip swinging and the hair bouncing, how can I achieve that in Animate Pro 2 without resorting to hand drawing?

Many thanks for any given help!


Morphing, although you still to play with the drawings a little. It isn’t very much work for small movements.

Hello and thanks for the reply.

I did try morphing, but as far as I can see I need to create a new frame, then modify it and insert it on the time-line, I may be wrong about the way to go about this though.

I was hoping to find a way to do that sort of animated motion on top of the cut-out animation, as I can in the software I use right now!

I have not dabbled much into scripting in Animate Pro, but I was hopping this could be scripted as a plug-in of sort, but so far it seems that scripting is mostly used for automating certain tools, which is pretty good for incorporating into a work-flow but not so good for scripting new tools, again I might be wrong about scripting!

Will look more into it, thanks!


I see, this could be workable, will try that, thanks for the tip!


A lot of people will break their character apart according to the secondary motion that they want to apply. For example, the hair pieces would be on their own layer so that you can just animate them simply with your transform tool.