searching the forum

When I try to search the forums on a topic nothing comes up for me. For instance, I can put in the search term “keyframe” and a whole lot of completely blank posts dated Dec. 31, 1969 show up as the results. What’s gong on? :’(

same here-- worked a few days ago but not now

(little sidenote of somewhat maybe interest: January 1st 1970 at midnight is when a standardly used time-counter started counting-- so Dec. 31 1969 7pm, when all the posts are marked, makes it look like the time-variable was reset and looked at by someone in the Eastern time zone ( UTC-5:00 ) )

until the forum search is fixed, here’s a decent work-around:

using google, enter “” followed by your query

example: " moving peg pivot"

Hope that helps!

I’ve notified the web team of the problem and we’ll try to rectify it as soon as we can.