Searching for Special Effects Software

Help! I’m in the market for relatively inexpensive ($500 or less) special effects software that I can use with Toon boom Studio. I want to be able to use ready-made fire balls, laser beams, lightning bolts, smoke, and the like that will realistically interact with my TBS characters, scenery, and props—for example, fireball’s glow reflected on TBS character’s face. I also want to be able to create my own effects. I guess I can somehow create similar effects in TBS, but I’m looking for a flashier (pun not meant but intended), more powerful, and faster method. I welcome your software suggestions. Remember, $500 or less!!!

I don’t know what software to throw at you, and I don’t know an easy way to get the reflections outside of changing skin tones and shadows on a frame by frame basis, but here are some ready to roll animated effects, and affordable:

Thanks, Rob, but I’ve already checked Cartoon Solutions. The problem is that I’m looking for a computer program to create special effects, and all CS offers are files. Thanks again but I’m still lookin’…Hey! I’ve come across Particle Illusion! I"ll try to contact these folks, see what they will tell me regarding compatibility with TBS.