Search Path for "include()" QTScripts


Im trying to have our custom scripts environment to use inside Harmony. Right now we can do an:

include(“scriptname.js”); methodinsidesjs();

and it will load the script the user has in …\AppData\Roaming\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony Premium\1500-scripts</b>.

Is there a way (environment var or something like that) to specify a search path for the scripts to “include” without specifiying the whole script path in the include()


Meanwhile I will use a new custom env var in all our include calls:

include(System.getenv(“ANIMA_HARMONY_MODULES”) + "/scripts/scriptname.js);

so there is not a big problem…

I can’t even get what you described to work. How do you include an external custom js library? I’ve tried #include “lib.js” and include(“lib.js”), and neither work.

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