Seach function on forum missing

Where did it go? It was very useful.

Yes where is it?

+1 I’m also looking for the search feature

You can use the site-wide search engine which includes forum content by accessing it through Site Map located in the footer of every page.

The search field is located in the upper right corner of the Site Map.

Hi o0Ampy0o. Thanks for your input, but it seems the site-wide search (in addition to being far removed from the forum and mixing all kinds of general articles with any kind of specific information) does not search the forums in any useful way. For example, a search for “spell” or “spell check” does not list my post asking if there is a spell check function in Storyboard pro.

I confirm. This does not work.

It is very strange that it is not possible to search the forum. This must be some kind of bug.
Please bring it back.
Kind Regards Mads Juul


I just Googled “spell check toon boom forum” and turned up more useful results:

The search function here in this forum wasn’t very good anyway. The software used for this forum needs to be replaced with whatever every other forum uses.