Sea and Surf - Animate 2


I’m trying to develop a seascape with a moving sea plus a surf hitting a beach. At the moment I’m doing the sea by using two drawing layers, one with a gradient, the other containing stripes painted in a similar color. The striped layer has one drawing at frame 1 another at frame 180. The drawing at 180 is a copy of the drawing at 1 but is slightly offset. I then morph between the two striped drawings which gives the effect of a “rolling sea” across the gradient layer.

The surf is done by morphing a strip of “light color” over 90 frames and at the same time moving it inwards using the transform tool. Another 90 frame morph and transform takes the surf back to it’s original position.

Given that I’d like to do all work in Animate 2. Has anyone found other tools combination that may result in interesting sea effects?

Thanks for any suggestions.


Any chance of seeing a sample video to see where you are at. Kind of hard to imagine with the wall of text.

Are you using standard or pro? The ripple in pro is useful for reflection effects.

Hi Raider

1) I’m using Animate 2, not the Pro version.
2) I know exactly what you mean about the wall of text. What’s the best way to get an example to you? I could load a .mov onto Youtube, but I’m suspicious about compression they may apply. I’m happy to email you a copy of a .mov or a .swf What’s best for you?


just upload to youtube is easyest.

If you don’t want it to be overly public, just set it to unlisted that way only people who actually know the link can view (that is what i do with my test videos).

On a side are you trying to get a swf final output or a mov final output. I just ask because the swf doesn’t like all the effects in animate (i don’t know which ones because i never use it)

Hi Raider

1) See example at
2) The surf is a morph, the sea motion is a morph and a blur.
3) Thanks for the point about .swf and effects. The current combination of effects all work in *.swf.



At the moment the effects are very subtle.

The waves should be curved around with the beach. Also doing a wave movement (rather than smooth) would certainly help the effect.

With the water coming up on the beach I always imagined a white foam front surging up holding then coming back.

You need to really try to find a scene of read video like yours and study the way the water moves. The last wave (the only hitting the beach) I would draw frame by frame (although it would be very small from your angle).

This video might help for reference, it is pretty dodgy but shows how the waves come in on the beach