Scrubby zoom

It would be great is Harmony had the ‘animated’ or ‘scrubby’ zoom like Illustrator and Photoshop. So when you hold down command + space moving the mouse left or right zooms you in or out.

indeed! Its ridiculous that this vintage artifact is still a part of the program with no option for changing to a “modern zoom” with dragging the mouse while holding a button.
These are the only current zoom options:

Either, roll the Mouse Wheel up or down…

Or, if you are using a Wacom Board, set your Pen to Pan/Scroll…

There is scrubby zoom. Hold down space and middle mouse button and move the mouse up/down.

Space + mouse wheel button held down, move mouse up and down.

I agree with the original post. There should be an option to have scrubby zoom on the zoom icon. Let’s face it, majority of digital artist use more than one digital software, the similar our shortcuts are the better the workflow we have. Even if scrubby zoom is just a toggle in preferences that would be great. Having to use mouse + space bar is not ergonomic for me especially since the z button for zoom and space bar for panning are almost adjacent to each other so zooming and panning the view makes it easier.