Scrubbing sound bug in Harmony 20?

Hi, I’ve encountered something that haven’t been an issue for me before.

I just recently upgraded to harmony 20, which is super fun and nice, however there’s a major bug that’s been annoying me.

When I need to do lip sync and I scrub the timeline, the sound seems to “move” around on me.
If I have an “L” sound on frame 10, I scrub through it to figure out where to put the mouth shape, and scrubbing it a few times the “L” might move 2-4 frames forward, I then have to go back and scrub over it a few times to “find” and hear the “L” sound on frame 10 again.

It’s hard to explain in text but in short, my sound seems to shift around by 2-4 frames whenever I’m scrubbing through the timeline.

It has been a consistent issue over multiple scenes, none of which are particularly heavy.

I didn’t have the problem in Harmony 17 (same computer). It’s a little bit of time lost when doing it, but in the long run it’s a huge time waster.

I asked my Coworkers if they had the problem and none are having the same issue. We’re all having similar computers, and we are using the same toonboom rig.

Any idea what could be causing it, is there a way to fix it? Thank you.

Same problem here. It’s making the drudgery of lip sync even more tedious.

Just heard from customer service. They say they’re aware of the issue and a fix will be included in the next patched version. They say to use Harmony 17 until that time. Yay.

I’m having this same issue, also the scrubbing itself is quite laggy in contrast to Harmony 17 (just updated a couple days ago). Lip-syncing is a nightmare right now. I’d love for a Dev to respond to this thread.

I’m having the same issue as well, it’s hard to tell what’s accurate. I hear one thing while scrubbing and another when playing it. The timing is just off.

I’m glad this isn’t just how the program works. I’m fairly new to Harmony and the lip sync process is pretty frustrating (as others have mentioned) because of this bug. I’ve never encountered this issue lip syncing in other apps.

Does toonboom ever do bug fixes and updates? I haven’t been able to simple things like copy and past properly for years, I think we are stuck with it tbh.

I’m having the same issue and it makes lip syncing really difficult and has considerably increased the time I am spending on a relatively simple project. I might just reinstall an older version.

I and one of my co-workers are experiencing the same thing. He’s said that the older version of Harmony didn’t have this issue.

It seems that scrubbing in reverse is accurate, but not scrubbing forward. Most of my shots have a lot of lip-sync in them, and this is a very inefficient/frustrating way to work.

This was first posted over a month ago - can you help your animators out, Toon Boom?

I have the same problem, its driving me nuts. It basically makes sound scrubbing useless. And lip sync very challenging.

Seems like a bug to me…Harmony techs - a fix/update appreciated please!!?

Hey guys! I was suffering with this very same issue, and then recently I reinstalled Toon Boom Harmony but this time I installed it in my C disk (which is SSD) instead of installing on my D disk (which isn’t SSD, I guess it’s HDD or SATA or something like that, not an expert here) and now sound scrubbing seems to be working just fine! So maybe that could do the trick for you as well?

I was just about to post this when I found the above.

I’m running harmony 20 on a mac mini. When I scrub the audio slowly, the sound comes several frames before the waveform. When I scrub fast, it starts with the wave form, which is correct. What’s going on? Is there a fix to optimize my sound settings? Obviously it’s pretty hard to animate dia this way.

Sooo… is there a way to optimize of prefs to make the audio scrubbing smoother? or does it work well for everyone except me?

Wait, it’s been a year since this went up and it’s still not fixed?!? What are you guys doing for a workaround. I can’t believe you are animating with this. Unfortunately, I don’t have an old version to go back to.