scrubbing issues with time line in camera view

Hi, With Harmony 10.0.1 (8485), when I scrub through my scene using the red indicator bar in the timeline via the Open GL view, I have no issues. But, when I try to do the same thing in the Render View, nothing happen (I don’t see any changes in my animated scene) until I release my mouse on to any given cell.

Something is definitely wrong, but not sure what to change to get it to scrub properly in camera view.

Any thoughts?

Cheers, Lucky

Hi LuckyN

When you want to study effects added use the render view to cheque how some of the cells look.
Render view is in fact render view and needs time to render.
Because of that it is not suited to scroll/scrub through the cells to see the animation. Cameraview set to Open GL is better suited for that. Still, heavy scenes may lag a little. Lilly made a video about viewing animation as you work in Tip of the week series on you tube.I am not able to find in wich it is mentioned, but will try a simple explaination.In the Network View you can attach a Display Module to the layers you want to view.
Above cameraview window is a small display selector. Choose the actual display module. If you want to see many layers add an extra composite module and attach the actual layers to it and then the composite to a Display Module. This will spare the memory on your computer and scrolling/scrubbing will be more precise. This can be essential as to syncronize animation to sound. Remeber to keep scenes as short as possible. This is vital if scene is “heavy”
Hope I managed to explain this in a simple way. A video would have been better to show how to do this. But I can’t find it and does not have the time to make one myself for the moment.

Best regards