Scrolling Horiz and Vert in Xsheet palette

I have an Apple Mighty Mouse and the scroll ball only scrolls up and down, it won’t/cannot scroll horizontally like the Drawing/Camera Window allows.

Is there any way to easily do an horiz. scroll via the scroll ball or via keyboard?


In V3.5 to pan left and right, hold down [Alt] (Windows) or [Option] (Mac OS X) and scroll with the mouse wheel. This works in the view windows camera and drawing and in the time line but I don’t believe it works for the x-sheet. -JK


I can scroll with just the scroll bar (no keyboard modifiers) both horiz and vert. in the Drawing/Camera Window and the Timeline. I can only scroll vertically in the Exposure sheet window no matter what modifier I have pressed ( command/apple, option and Control [which zooms in on both monitors, which, iirc, is an os X thing]).

If there was a window that screams out for horiz and vert scrolling, it’s the Exposure sheet window. Again, this is just one of those interface things that bug me and “takes me out of the moment” quirks.