I’ve never used Toonboom before, but I just got Toonboom Harmony 10 and there’s no scrollbars in the drawing or camera area to go up or down or anything. This may be silly, but is there a way to activate them? Or do they just not exist in that area in this program lol it’s hard when trying to draw something close up and you have to use the mouse wheel to zoom.

I only have Animate Pro 3 and Harmony Premium (12) but Harmony 10 and AP3 share many things like this. They are accessed in more than one section but there is a drop down menu for Zoom increments on the Camera and Drawing views. There are tools like Rotate and Hand that can be quickly accessed with a button or keyboard shortcut.

This is an area that is influenced by personal experience. You are used to seeing/using one approach but it may not be the best approach. Scroll bars are cumbersome and non-intuitive. There is nothing in the real non-computer world like a scroll bar. They were invented somewhere in the convoluted development history of software. Adobe Illustrator is a perfect example of software that aimed to produce a result but ignored what artists had been doing with traditional tools. They got from A to E then built upon E as they aimed for Z. So you ended up with a lot of things that you would only understand if you studied the software. Illustrator became an industry standard so a lot of software uses a similar approach. Not because it is better but because it is what people have come to expect so they can jump in with a smaller learning curve. Toon Boom on the other hand has been designed to mimic traditional animation techniques. In some respects it deviates from standard software-think, for better or worse.

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