Scripts for animators


I created a page to post some scripts that I find useful when I’m animating. Might be helpful to someone else.

wow this is great! bookmarking your site. thanks for sharing.

great idea…are you going to post other scripts from this site too?

Yes, I have some other scripts I haven’t posted yet. But the ones there are by far the ones I use more often.

Wonderful! Thanks so much!

My problem is that I cannot customize the toolbar icon. When I select the script and hit the Customize Icon button, nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? All I can get are the generic script icons.

Just wrote support and got this reply and it worked:

It looks like a bug that I am reporting it to RND. In the mean time, please try copying the icon to where script folder is located.

Win: C:UsersAppDataRoamingToon Boom AnimationToon Boom Harmony1030-scriptsscript-icons

Mac: /Users//Library/Preferences/ Toon Boom Animation/Toon Boom Harmony/1030-scripts/script-icons


Just make sure the name of the script icon image should be matched with the name of the script. Please see other icon name in that folder for the pattern. And then restart Stage.

You’re welcome!
I had to copy them to that folder also. The ‘customize icon’ button is not working. :confused:

I have a couple of useful scripts that I regularly use. How can I send them to you? They are:

  1. Write Module Setup: Select the Write module and hit the script. It sets the directory to the same as where your Stage file is, sets the title to the same as the filename of your scene, sets the numbering to 001 digits, sets the render format to png.

  2. Find And Replace: Select several layers in the Timeline, Find a specific text string and replace it with something else.


That would be nice :slight_smile: You can mail them to :


Will do!

William, can you update this thread whenever you add a new script to your site? I come back to this thread regularly to find the link so I can see if there is anything new that might be useful to me. But if every time a new script is posted there you just added a notification post here then it’d be easier to check. Thanks!

Hello, guys! I’ve been dealing with a situation in my workflow that still can’t be addressed by Harmony features, so I thought about using a script for it, and have been looking for people who knew how to achieve it. You guys might be the ones to save my day.

The problem is discussed at this thread:

Anyone there to lend me a hand? If you need more details on my case, I’ll gladly explain it further. Thanks a lot!