Is there any sample scripts available (I found the scripting documentation with all the syntax). Would love to see a couple of simple finished examples.

I am planning to attempt to write a little script to help with large particle systems (like swarms) which would currently be too much work to do by hand.

a swarm script would be amazing. I know someone made one in flash for Adam Phillips to use. Would be great to have one for animate

That is exactly what made me want to do it.

It isn’t that complex to do, just too time consuming. Like you could animate it if you could be bothered and had lot of time on your hands.

Hopefully i can get some examples scripts which make making my own easier (see how they are set out etc)

Hmmm come to think of it, it would be pretty sweet if Animate came with some scripts like this already preinstalled. Or does it?

Like i remember Lilli saying something about a script for maya a studio made that copies camera information from the 3d scene into Animate using locators. Basically making it easy to match the camera.

That kinda of think would be great for everybody. Animate could use some premade example scripts for sure. This is why I think we should have a “suggestions for improving Animate” forumn bucket lol

Hopefully they can help you with this script though : )

I remember that thread.

I am pretty sure it was done by a client using harmony so they wouldn’t be willing to share.

I have answered my own question and found some samples that come with animate.

It is kind of funny, but opening a new scene is a script. You can easily edit the script to change the way a scene opens (like more than 60 frames, more drawing layers etc).

I assume in the comments digital refers to animate.

"Lilli saying something about a script for maya a studio made that copies camera information from the 3d scene into Animate using locators. Basically making it easy to match the camera."

Yeah, scripts like this Animate people should make preinstalled, like that swarming script, and other things

I would like that too, then they would just be features :slight_smile:

After reading some documentation and looking at the examples I am going to give it a go. The scripting looks pretty powerful.

So wish me luck :slight_smile: and lilly might get some scripting questions while im sure she will loooove hahaah.

As I think you’ve fiigured out already, if you open up the Scripting interface by clicking on the “Edit Scripts” button, you will see the scripts that come pre-installed with whatever software you’re running.

There we include the scripts that we have written that either have to be included because the software uses them, or that we think might be useful to a user.

There are many scripts that have been written by individual studios that they haven’t actually made available to us. We are looking at trying to come up with a system where people can share scripts that they have written with each other, but for now your best bet is to ask other people on the forums if they’d like to share their scripts with you.

I have done some scripting in the software myself, and I know that it can be tricky to learn how at first, so by all means, if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask - I’ll do my best. :slight_smile:

Toon Boom Support

okay question time

where are the drawing functions in the documentation?

Is there any chance you whip up a quick script that draws say a circle and animates it in the scene as a simple example for me.

lilly- maybe you could show us how to do some very simple “hello world” type stuff with QSA? Just drawing a circle seems like a great place to start

Well, believe it or not, this isn’t something that I think can be done wtih the current scripting interface. It’s more like if you already have a drawing, and then you want to automatically do something with it. For example you could create an expression column and link it with your drawing column’s translate to animate it across the screen. However I don’t think there’s an interface for actually drawing something.

Let me investigate this a little bit further and I can get back to you guys at the beginning of next week with some examples.

Toon Boom Support

Wow that throws a spanner in the works. No wonder I couldn’t find it and thought I was going mad.

I don’t want anything special with the examples, really the simplier the better.

I don’t think the no drawing will end up being a huge issue since the particles you probably want to use something you draw yourself anyway.

However I was looking to draw to automatic creation of the “dot” images to use with motionblur.

Just like the Flash community, I think ToonBoom would really benefit from having an active script sharing community.

When I first started with Digital Pro, I had a crack at learning QT scripts and made a few simple but helpful tools for myself, such as a button that adds an offset highlight to a character, and a button that adds a camera + peg to the scene.

Unfortunately whenever I get the urge to learn some programming there’s usually a point that I hit a wall and decide “ah fk, I’ll just hire a programmer”. Good to see it being talked about here now though. I didn’t get much response here in the Digital Pro days.

Anyway, I’m a firm believer in community sharing and anyone who develops a box of useful scripts would quickly become the Dave Woolfes and Warren Fullers (they’re Flash developers who make stuff for animators) of the ToonBoom community.

These studios that refuse to share their scripts are just insecure cowards IMO (I know, I worked for one). God forbid anyone would use their scripts to make something awesome.

If it gets to a stage worth sharing I will :slight_smile:

I have a coding background so once I get used to the syntax hopefully it won’t be too hard. The last post from Lilly helped me a lot since it has allowed me to change my direction and take a different approach for now.

I definitly think a good particle “engine” could be developed with some scripting, just a matter of what is the best method.

with the


where can i find a list of actions I am allowed to perform?

How do you add a camera?

I went to download page searching for scripting template for Animate Pro 2 … not to be found. Please advise


There is a scripting template on the Animate elearning page. I am not sure why there isn’t one on the pro elearning page.

I have yet to figure what exactly your meant to use the template for. It is a massive document with no real explaination.

I’ve completely forgotten how to add a camera from scratch but I just had a quick revisit of the example scripts. Seems there’s a new example script called TB_addCameraPan.qsa

Running this script in a new scene adds a camera to the network with a peg attached. Most of the script itself reads like Chinese to me but you can use it, and other example scripts, to see how things are structured.

I’ll see if I can dig my old computer from storage and get the Digital Pro highlight and camera scripts.

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

That script isn’t in animate, but is in the pro.

The pro scripts are a lot more interesting examples which I think will help me more.

Well I didn’t realise but it appears standard animate uses the network view as well even though you can’t see it.

to add a camera you just

node.add(node.root(),“Camera” , “CAMERA”, 0, 0, 0);

I can add a peg in the same way, although currently I can’t figure how to child/parent the camera and peg.

The main thing I can’t figure at the moment is how to get a node path. Currently I just use node.root() which just puts the camera at the root of the scene.

If figure if i could get the path of the camera i could go

node.add(“CameraPath”,“Peg” , “PEG”, 0, 0, 0);

and it would auto create the relationship.

If you didn’t figure I am trying to copy Adam Phillips 1 click camera add idea which seems pretty awesome to me since when you add a camera you always add a peg for the camera.