Scripting template

What is it?

How do you use it?

Can you use it in standard scripts?

it doesn’t look at all like normal scripting.

What do you mean by scripting template?

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go to elearning, then documentation and it available there for download.

I just know it there not what it is for or how to use it.

Ahh okay. I took a look at this file, and it is simply a file that will help you to create your scripts. If you open up the Animate2_ScriptingTemplate_Card.pdf file, then it explains what it is and how to use it. In the .tbup file, there are examples of each node that can be created in the software. Then, there is a corresponding text file that also has all these nodes created in it. That way, you have a list of all the nodes and all their attributes. This had to be created because you can no longer view the xml file with newer versions of our software, so this is the resource you need to be able to locate all the parameters.

Does that make sense?

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Where is the pdf file?

It doesn’t seem to come in the zip with the template.

Might make a lot more sense if I had that documentation.


the document is in the standard elearning, but the pro version.

You need to update your zip file to include it.

Ahh okay I will pass this information along.

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