`Scripting Select Line , change Thinckness in Camera View not in render Open GL

Hello ,

I try to create a script for changing the Thinckness .

Why create a script like taht ? In case we change the character’s size , it will usefull and fastest to click on one button set a new Value , click on Ok and it’s done .

i am stuck on one thing . I dont know how can we select the line in script like the picture below.


Someone have an idea ?

If you believe a script will facilitate the process see if you can incorporate the Coordinates and Control Points Scale.

This is where everything scales up and down retaining proper proportions.

You may not need to select a line.

You may not need a script.

It is very easy to enlarge and reduce retaining the relative line width.

Thanks for your answer ,
there are no problemes about resize character and keep the scale of the line .

But one day you resize a character , the director ask if you can change the thinkness on the line.
My goal is : if i select the node character’s group (or props etc…) , the script will find every drawings and change in the same time the Thinkness .
That 's why the rigger & animators needs this kind of script .

This functionality is already built into the software:
http://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-12-2/premium/path-animation/camera-truck-ins-line-thickness.html?Highlight=line thickness
You could for example tie this to a function that modifies the width over time, in effect keyframing values.