Scripting scene camera view

Hi guys I have a question about how to change the view camera center position.

I want to create a shortcut to the top view, where it focus on the object that is selected once that all the built in functions are not working.
Such as onActionRecenter(), onActionFocusOnSelection/CV/NV(), and also specifying the view with view.currentView()
I tried already looping the onActionZoomIn() but it only zoom in once at a time, in heavy scenes it takes a while, also to zoom in, at a good spot I am calling onActionResetPan() to recenter it.

Does any one know how can I have access to the TOP camera view center position, or move it any how?
I checked the menu.xml file and shortcut.xml file as well, but I couldn’t find anything.
Also I used a search method to look inside Harmony files and find “Zoom Factor Selector”, (the small percentage menu that zoom in, located on the bottom of the inside windows).
Also I couldn’t find anything, except for Quick Close Up zoom factor that comes as default value as 5 in prefs.xml but it also doesn’t return any action on the file.
Thanks in advance for any help.