Scripting Question

I need help quickly… I want to make a Yes/No script for a video um making… the video goes as follows:
At the end of my first scene, a question pops up… the choice are yes or no… I want to make both of them clickable, and each one of them plays a following scene, depending on which of them was clicked
hope you got the idea…
I have no time to go through the scripting guide bcz I have to finish this video very quickly
thanks in advance

That isn’t what the scripting is for. It isn’t designed to add interactivty to videos. It is designed to add functionality too Animate.

Oh God :-X … so, any suggestions??
Should I use flash for the interactive part???

thanks a lot Lilly and theRaider… I’ll try to figure it out with Flash :slight_smile:

Yes you can use Flash to do the interactive part. If you export your movies as a swf file or as a quicktime movie you can import those into Flash.