scripting problem

I want to create a script, that create node write (module WRITE) directly to the scene of the setting movie codec, and other movie options too.I want to use this scrip for network rendering.

The documentation I read is just for a resolution setting the scene, and other scene setting but I need only this script for output. Is this even possible to do?

Can you please help me with this ?


I use Harmony. I have lots of scenes where I need to reconfigure the module WRITE for network render. I try to make a script.

function CreateWrite()
node.add(node.root(),“Write_Out”,“WRITE”,-150,150 ,0);“Top/Composite”,0, “Top/Write_Out”,0);

then… reconfigure WRITE MODULE output


Are you using Animate Pro 2?


Ah okay so this is a little bit easier to do with Harmony so that’s great.

I dug up this script that I had done that creates write nodes from a selection, and I adjusted it and copied it here:

function CreateMovieWriteNodes() {
// Script written by Lilly Vogelesang
// at Toon Boom Animation inc.
// 2009-11-13
// This script creates a custom write node set to the Movie format

scene.beginUndoRedoAccum(“Create Movie Write Node”);

// define the necessary variables
var nodeType = “WRITE”;
var numberOfNodes = selection.numberOfNodesSelected();
print("Number of nodes selected: " + numberOfNodes);
var i;

// Create the Write nodes

for (i=0; i<numberOfNodes; i++) {
var nodePath = selection.selectedNode(i);
var nodeX = node.coordX(nodePath);
var nodeY = node.coordY(nodePath);
var originalNodeName = node.getName(nodePath);
var parentNode = node.parentNode(nodePath);
var nodeName = “”;
nodeName = (originalNodeName + “_WRITE”);
print("Node Path: " + nodePath);
var writeNodePath = (parentNode + “/” + nodeName);
node.add(“Top”, nodeName, nodeType,0,0,0);, 0, writeNodePath, 0);
node.setCoord(writeNodePath, nodeX, nodeY - 100);
node.setTextAttr(writeNodePath, “EXPORT_TO_MOVIE”, 0, “true”); //here is where you set the Write module to be a movie file
node.setTextAttr(writeNodePath, “MOVIE_VIDEO”, 0, “QT(000000167370746C61766331E2010100001800000400000000147470726C0000000000180000000000000000001864726174000000000000000000000000000000000000000C636D66726170706C0000000C70736672000000000000000962667261000000000A6D70657300000000001C6861726400000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000A73646E65000000000000)”)
// print(“This code was brought to you by Lilly Vogelesang!”);

So you’ll notice two things - first you need to tell the write node to be a movie, and then you have to copy and paste that ugly looking string in that represents the movie options.

That string is a capture of the Quicktime Settings. That’s the part that’s kind of tricky to get. Set up a scene file that has a write node that’s already set up the way you want, and then save your scene. Go back and open the .digital (Harmony 781) or .xstage (Harmony 9) and then copy and paste the string from the write node in that file into your script.

Hope this helps!