Scripting life

1- Is there any script line to draw a vector in the drawing window? or a line like the brush tool?

2- Is there any script line to rotate a drawing object?

3- Is there any script line to move a drawing object on the drawing window?

I was looking for those answers for 30 hours, I think I tried everything… just, maybe, its a naive question… but that answer would make me very very happy :smiley:
(sorry about my english, Im not quite sure that I wrote that correctly :P).

Thanks for reading it.


I konw how lost you might feel.

  1. For the drawing part:
    I never did this on my own. But, you should find the scripting snippets you need to draw your line here:

  2. The only actions I found to rotate your dawing selection are these:
    Action.perform(“onActionRotate90CW()”, “cameraView”);
    Action.perform(“onActionRotate90CCW()”, “cameraView”);
    Action.perform(“onActionRotate180()”, “cameraView”);

  3. Sorry, I didn’t find anything about this.

I hope that this may already help you to get started. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Oooh! Thanks man :smiley: I’ll work on it