Scripting issue with connecting to restAPI with SSL

Hi Folks,

I’m trying to get harmony to talk to shot managers like Shotgun or Kitsu through restAPI.

So far I’ve been able to get data from the API using http, but when I try getting data securly through https I keep getting SSL errors.

Heres my code so far. (I removed all the curly brackets because the forum does not like them).

function doRequest()
var url = new QUrl(‘’);
var request = new QNetworkRequest(url);

var nam = new QNetworkAccessManager();

function handleResponse(reply)


var error = reply.error(QNetworkReply.NetworkError);

if (error == QNetworkReply.NoError)
var bytes_string = reply.readAll();
MessageLog.trace(bytes_string, ‘utf-8’);

MessageLog.trace("Error occured: ", error);


If the script is run with http it works fine but with https it fails.

I’ve tried using QSslConfiguration to ignore the certificate error but Harmony’s debugger keeps saying its undefined.

Here’s one example I’ve tried.

var sslConfig = reply.sslConfiguration();
var sslConfig = new QSslSocket.sslConfiguration();

But this is also bugging out with undefined errors.

If someone on the Harmony team could please take a look and let me know what’s going on that would be a huge help.

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Hi Mr.K,

I recommend you to take a look at this implementation of Shotgun with Harmony on gitHub :
The code is free to use, you would probably find something interesting inside.

Hope it helps


Thanks for the suggestion, eAthis.

I’m well aware of Diego’s amazing Shotgun toolkit for Harmony, but it does not solve my problem, and definetly wont help with Kitsu. What would be great is if I could get some help to fix this SSL issue. Once I have that it will be super easy to talk to any shotmanager or database with a RestAPI.


I’m sorry it is not helpful.
I can’t help you more on that.

You would need to contact with your support plan.
Note that they probably won’t be able to help you as they need to replicate your environment and have access to your files.

This is a Qt question, not really Harmony.

Wish you the best