Scripting - How to nudge all drawings in the selected column after the current frame?

Hi there! I’m not necessarily new to animating with Harmony, but I am new to scripting with it. I’ve used Javascript quite a bit before, but I can’t seem to find my way around Harmony’s scripting environment. I’ve been looking around the API documentation, but I’m still a little lost on how to accomplish what I want to do.

All I’m looking to do is create a quick little helper script to basically nudge forward by a frame those drawings a) in the currently selected layer or column that are b) after the current frame, and then automatically create a blank drawing on the next frame. Ideally, I could make a button for such a script on my toolbar.

I know the same basic functionality is to just to use hotkeys to 1) extend the exposure of the current frame by a frame, 2) move to the next frame, and 3) create a blank drawing. :smile: Maybe wanting to have a button in the toolbar to accomplish the same task is overkill, or just lazy? :laughing:

At any rate, if someone could help me understand how to get started with moving drawings via scripting, I’d really appreciate the input!