Scripting - Get Entry for Symbols

Hi everyone,

I am really new to Toon Boom and I have been trying to script a bit in it. I am currently trying to get/set the value of the cell from the column which contains a symbol. I attached my script below.

function Test()
var selNode = Application.selection.selectedNode(0);
var linkedColumn = node.linkedColumn(selNode, “DRAWING.ELEMENT”);
var entry = new String(column.getEntry(linkedColumn, 1, 1));
if (entry)
print(“entry is possible”);
column.setEntry(linkedColumn, 1, 1, “#3”);

The problem I am facing is that when I use the script to get the entry of the cell, it returns nothing in the command line, but the cell’s value is actually “#1”. Weirdly enough, I can set the value of the cell as “#3”. The above script definitely works on drawings, jus not symbols. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!!

- William

Thanks Lilly!

Hmm I’ve never tried to script with symbols instead of drawings. Let me double-check this one and get back to you.