Scripting external Process with call backs

Hey guys, I am looking for some help over the internal function in Harmony classes called “Process”.

I need to find a way to make harmony call an external Python file and retrieve some information back. I managed to make it launch the python file with this line.

p3 = new Process2( “…python.exe …” );

The python file is very simple, it just create an empty file and print “Hello World”. I tried all sorts of expressions available in the documentation, like

Process::readLineStdout( )
Process::readStdout( )
Process::readyReadStdout( )

none of them seems to work, I keep getting an error back, there is no reference anywhere on how to use them, even in the resources folder, or builtin scripts.
Does anyone know a way around this problem?


If you create a variable that contains the text “Hello World” you can use
MessageLog.trace(“VariableName”) to print it.

an even simpler way is:

print(“Hello World!”)

if you don’t want to mess with variables.