Scripting : Export Render Network

Hi !
I started to work with toon boom fow months ago and I’m a bit disapointed with the scripting guide which is I believe the worse I have ever seen.
I have already noticed that there is much more that exists than what is shown in the software scripting guide.

I 'd like to find the function (if it exists…) that allows me to start an “export render network” and if possible how to set the parameters for this function.
Other question, I am working on windows and I would like to know if there is a way to execute a script in toon boom using a “.bat” file ?

If you see this message and have some answers please HELP ME !

Rendering works fine !! Thank you !
But considering what I found in the -help section, running a QT script with a shell command seems to be impossible, isn’t it ?
At least I should be able to deal with my problems from now on !

You can do this from command-line either straight from the command prompt or through a .bat file. You would need to run
AnimatePro -batch … other options defining what you want rendered.

Use AnimatePro -help to see the options and what else is required.
Replace [digital_file] with the path leading to your [projectname].anim file.

I got it !
Everything is explained when you execute the command : “controlcenter -help”
Using controlcenter commands seems to be the only way to process a script through a file list.

I 'd say this is a SHAME that we have to explore the command help to find out something that SHOULD BE in the user guide ( just as it is in good cg softwares !! ).
To Toon Boom development team : you really should try working on your user guide !