Scripting/Automation Questions


We’re trying to automate a few workflows using SBpro scripting interface and I’m running into a few specific questions/issues. We’re using Storyboard Pro v7 on Windows.

  1. How to get the currently open project filepath (e.g. …/file.spbz)?

// Incomplete function… what’s the correct way to get the fullpath?
prj = scene.currentProjectPath()
file = scene.currentScene()
return prj+"/"+file+".spbz

  1. Working example for Process or Process2 please?. As an example, trying to open windows built-in’s file-explorer:

// The Process exsample in the docs error out.
p1 = new Process( “start .” );

// Trying with Process2 doesn’t seems to work either- nothing happens.
p2 = new Process2( “start c:/” );

Thank you

Hi asi,sudai,

I am not an expert in Storyboard Pro myself but our support team and Discord MVPs are.

I would recommend reaching out to for our support team or ask our Discord community here:

I hope this helps,