Script to separate frames?


So I’ve animated a bunch of Toon Boom scenes at 12fps, but my client would like the animation to run at 24fps. I know that Toon Boom doesn’t natively have a method to convert frame rates within a project, but given that the new frame rate is exactly double the one I animated in, I feel as if there may already be a script I can use.

Basically, my solution at the moment would be to manually separate each individual frame, and then tween them to reach 24fps (with presumably a fair amount of manual correction after the fact). However, manually separating the frames is super time consuming and I’m a complete novice at writing specialized scripts. Does something like this already exist?

I’d be super appreciative of any and all help!

For specialized scripting requests I would recommend asking our community through our Discord server! We have a specialized area of the server just for scripting information.

Link to our Official Discord:

Hope this helps!