[SCRIPT] How to use MovieImport?

Hey peeps,

I’m trying to import a movie file into ToonBoom with scripting, but it doesn’t get the movie path, and also it shows “unable to create movie decoder”.

So, how does MovieImport works??

Thanks (:

Only Quicktime movies can be imported and you need to have Quicktime installed on the computer.

Keep in mind that Quicktime is only the movie container so there is also the Codec to consider.
In order to import the movie you must have access to the Codec used to encode the movie and
that Codec needs to be able to break the movie down into frame-by-frame chunks. Any purely
streaming Codec may not be able to do this.

Cool! So, my movie is on Quicktime. When I use the Movie Import, it generates an audiofile on my audio folder, and pngs on the elements folder, as I set.

Now, how do I make these drawings to go on a Drawing Layer in my scene?