[SCRIPT] How do I import images?

Cool! So, my movie is on Quicktime. When I use the Movie Import, it generates an audiofile on my audio folder, and pngs on the elements folder, as I set.

Now, how do I make these drawings go on a Drawing Layer in my scene?

Do you need to use a script for that? If you make Import > Movie that will happen automatically.

You could Import > Images and select them all, Harmony would import them on a sequence into a drawing layer, but you can just Import > Movie in one step.

Sorry if there’s something I didn’t understand…

Sure, I can do it manually. But my idea is to automatize the set up process.

Right now, whenever I create a scene and run my script, it automatically:

  • creates all composites, writes, displays, burn ins, pegs, etc, for the project
  • sets the configuration on those as I’ll use for the project
  • and it changes the paths on the write nodes accordinly to the scene’s name.

It also grabs the animatic (QT mov) with that same name as the current scene and perform the MovieImport. Now the next step is to make these files actually be imported w/o the need to Import > Movie in every scene.

Hi freitasgst!
Did you ever find out how to solve your problem with importing images? I was considering creating a script for procedural setup of scenes based on a csv file, and I found this thread. I can see you mention a lot of the functionality of what I was hoping to achieve. I was wondering if you mind sharing some of your experience?
Best regards