script error prohibiting start up

I have an eval license of ToonBoom Animate 2. Yesterday I opened the scripts toolbar and attempted to add/adjust a script, something I haven’t tried before.
I suppose I created a faulty one, as it had no bracketed function declaration, just started with the ‘node.getEnable’ function call, something like this…


Now when I try to run the program (using the UI, selecting any ‘recent scene’) I get an error UI faulting on this checkIsEnabled.qsa
script. Error states:

The following error occurred in line 3 of checkIsEnabled.qsa while executing the script:
Error: Use of undefined variable ‘node’.

What platform are you on? You probably can go and delete the scripts.qsa in your account and it will recreate the default scripts. If you have many custom scripts already you might not want to do that though. On my XP this is where I can find that file. Application Data is a hidden folder so you would have to allow to see it first.

On mac I can remember exactly but something like /Librairy/Preferences/ToonBoomAnimate…

C:\Documents and Settings\Steven\Application Data\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Animate Pro\790-scripts

Steve, that’s gold-filled, gilded gold.

Thanks for that, I forget about the slavish devotion to that (hidden) Application Data dir. I’m used to linux, dont do much graphics work on XP.

I only wish I’d read it before I followed the advice to reload the entire package, which didn’t do a durn thang.