Howdy, I am new to ToonBoom and using Harmony 10 Stand Alone.

Is there a way to import the scripts from the Animate Pro tutorials such as the one from (9.5 creating patches)?

I cannot find a way to do it.

I do not have the icon with the “f and the pencil” to launch the QSA Workbench on my toolbar.

I only have the “f with the down arrow” and the "f with the little box"

When I open the script editor I do not see the script preloaded and cannot seem to import the files from the 9.5 packet as the txt files are all greyed out.

Am I just missing it, or do I need to copy and past the text from the txt file into the script editor?

If so is there a way to save it so I don’t have to manually do it each time?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

Sam Ellis
BTW I am trying to document my harmony journey at the following website:

Would it be best to contact support with this question?

Yes that is a good way to go.

Hopefully lily will see this because she normally knows the answer to these sorts of questions.

I don’t know about the particular script you are talking about but in 10 you can either change the extension from .qsa to .js on that file, see if it works when you try to import or if that fails just do what you said, copy and paste the text into a blank script in the new Script Editor view. You have a Save button in that view also so your script would be saved then.

A lot of scripts from 9.2 or Animate Pro will work automatically in 10’s js language but some have to be adjusted.

The scripting has changed from Animate Pro to Harmony. We used to use .qsa files, and now we use .js

If you email support, they can have the relevant script converted for you. It may already be in the application, but they can check.