SCRIPT - Create scenes in with Control Centre script

Just wondering if anyone can help with a small script problem I’m having.
I’m trying to create a control centre script to batch create all the scenes in an episode by reading the info from a text file. My script so far is as below -

var file = new File(“C:/Shots.txt” );;
var lines = file.readLines();
for ( i in lines)
var sceneName = lines[i];
var scene = new Scene(“Job_Name”,sceneName);
scene.fileSystem = “/usadata000”;
ControlCentre.addScene(scene, AddPositionType.ADD_AT_BOTTOM);

It produces the correct names but throws up the following error -

is invalid: contains illegal character (unicode chararacter, numerical, ‘+’, ‘-’, ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘.’ )

Can’t work out what is causing that. I have tried resaving the text file in various formats and have also tried using toString() but I still get the same errors.

Thanks in advance,