Script Backup Scene

hello friends, I’m working on a tool, and I just need to know how to call “backup scene” with a script, I looked in the documentation but I didn’t find anything about it.
this option is in the file menu.
Can someone tell me if this is possible.


Hi Carlos,
In short: yes. Any option from the menu can be called via scripts. Some require selections or input, but most can be called directly.

To find the functions appearing in the menus, you can search through the menus.xml found inside the resources folder of your Harmony installation. After you have found your desired option, you can call the function with Action.perform("THE_FUNCTION");(

The backup scene function is defined as onActionCreateFullImport() inside the menus.xml:
<item condition="((premium or advanced) and not database)" id="fullImport" slot="onActionCreateFullImport()" text="Backup Scene..." />
To call the “backup scene” function you would do something like Action.perform("onActionCreateFullImport()");
I haven’t tested the function, as I built our own “backup scene” tool.

Just a reminder to add: be cautious when reading through Harmony’s default files and do not under any circumstances modify them.

I hope that helps.