Screenplanning switch freezes

Switching from draw to screen planning freezes. Ctrl+Alt+Delete task manager shows two instances of Toon Boom when I hit the screenplanning mode button. With no elements in draw mode results in same problem. I reinstalled, andsame problem. Oddly it used to work on this machine. I am using Version 2. Also are there any upgrade patches for this product as well?

Are you using Animate or Toon Boom Studio? If you are using Animate, you should post your question on the Animate forum and you will be more likely to get a good answer.

This is toonboom studio version 2

Sounds like you are having memory problems- I have 4 gig mem and still have some trouble- but it is because of the computer factory settings; which as you probably know, has every stinking possible software on the computer starting at the start-up of the computer

If your version of ToonBoom is like mine-

go to your preferences- under Display
set Textures and Images to about 800 x 800 setting/lower if need be
set both Video and System memory to the highest setting

if you’re still having problems go to your program start config for your computer and turn off programs you don’t need running like Quicktime and Adobe updaters… I wish they, and all the others, were off by default

edit: if you are running Windows 7- you probably need to change the compatibility settings also- you can get to that by right clicking the exe launch icon in the Toon Boom’s program folder, then select properties, then under Compatibility select the older version of Windows- 2000 is what TBS 2 ran on.