at times i click small arrow an on the side of the screen
to increase return it as it was there is no arrow to click to return it.
the only way i can get it to return is select window and click on restore there any way doing this.

If you’re talking about the little triangles that allow you to expand or contract areas of your workspace, whenever you click on a left-facing arrow, then the window will pop open and you will have a right-facing arrow on the left hand side of the window. So simply click on the right-facing arrow to return it to your regular workspace.

Toon Boom Support

in reply to your email.

there was one file on screen, i want,ed more of the screen showing, i clicked the small arrow and the file left.
when i was through with my project , i tried to return the screen to were it was last. there were none of those arrows there to return it. the screen was empty.
i had, hand drawn animation on at the time. i used restore default workspace to return to my project.

How about the next time it happens, you take a screenshot of it. Then I will take the screenshot and circle the place where you have to click to get your screen back to normal. Sound good?

Toon Boom Support

ok , thanks

in regards to my screen problem i replyed to your email in regards to a screen shot which i sent,i,m still having this problem.