screen resolution

what resolution should i set my animation at if i want to late burn my animation to dvd and view it on a television. yet still be clear, i have done one small anim but when i play it even on a video player on my comp its kinda fuzzy. please help


Well, it all depends…what you’re aiming at… 4 : 3 or 16 : 9 … or…

Here are the most common ratios:

DV NTSC would be 720 x 540 - 30 Frames.
DV PAL would be 768 x 576 - 25 Frames

Anamorphic NTSC would be 853 x 480
Anamorphic PAL would be 1280 x 576

HDTV would be 1280 x 720
or 1920 x 1080 for both either 24 or 25 Frames

Please make sure that you apply the same ratios, sizes and frame-rate in your video-editor
and try not to use any compression until you burn to DVD.


awesome i thank you, i will be using the ntsc.

another thing, i didnt know i should have been using a video editor, i was under the assumption i would export the file and burn it.

im using adobe audition to record all audio and to sync the audio with the animation.

do you recomend a good video editor (im using PC)


Well, I’m not really very knowledgeable about Windows PC,
but you might like and have a look at those: