screen resolution on laptop

Is it possible ti instal Animate Pro2 on laptop with screen resolution 1280x800? I see that system requirements for Animate is 1280x1024 pix, yet I read everyday on this forum about using Animate on laptop…sorry for my bad english

What might happen is that with a smaller than recommended resolution, you could get some undesired effects like right-click menus that don’t open where you want them to. Generally this won’t prevent you from working, however I would recommend that you download a trial version of the software and test it out before you commit to purchasing it. If the trial version works and runs smoothly, then the retail version will as well.

Toon Boom Support


You won’t have any problems.

The main thing is on the right hand side where you have 2 windows you will want to close so you only have 1 otherwise they can be difficult to use.

the tutorial videos i have done (although not on a laptop) where in that resolution.

Also if you don’t have the laptop yet, most laptops now support higher resolutions. Mine does and it isn’t that new.

Thanks Raider!