I’m brand new to animation software, and am trying out the 15 day Trial of Toon Boom Studio 8. I’ve finished animating one scene, but can’t figure out how to start another. The Story Line says “Scene 1” so I would assume that I can make a Scene 2, but can’t figure out how to do that. So,

How do I make another Scene in Toon Boom?

Either, click the Scene List button (top right corner), New Scene,
Or, open the Scene Manager and click the + button,
Or, right click in the Scene Manager window, New Scene…

I don’t see a scene list button. Where in the top right corner? In the top right, I have Workspace, Camera, and Effects
Where is the Scene Manager?
What is the scene manager window?

I’ve never used anything like this, I need more detail than just “Open Manager”

My apology for the confusion…
Working with Scenes might have slightly changed with Studio 8… (I am still using version 5).
Check out the User Guide “Working with Scenes”.|Chapter%2017%3A%20Scenes%20and%20Transitions|_____3

Anyway, the Scene Manager should be accessible from the Top Toolbar / Window.
Check out View / Customize Toolbar… if there is a “Scene List” button available ?
If so, drag it into your Toolbar.

If you like, here is the reference movie with Studio 5:
(no sound, it’s all fairly simple and straight-forward)

The Scene Manager Window has been replaced by the Storyline Window which by default can be found in the same window space as the timeline.