Scenes with multiple rigs and elements? Anyone done it? Very frustrated....

Does anyone have any tips on setting up scenes with multiple rigs and background elements?

It seems to me the network view system always throws off my layers, and things start to disappear on their own (case and point- one of my rig’s mouth layer does not show up in the camera- it’s there in the timeline and network, but won’t appear in camera. At all… even with every other layer turned off)

I feel that the tutorial videos are good at setting up basic elements, and basic scenes. But after spending a combined total of three grand on this application, I feel there should be some more in depth tutorials about how to REALLY use this software other than making an arm move.

I’d like to see some advanced videos for Harmony that show workflow tips, and things that make the whole process easier. Right now I feel like Harmony isn’t a good application to complete scenes in- that it would be better to export character layers separate and combine them in After Effects. But then this negates the need for such a strong platform.

Anyway, i’d love to hear if anyone is as frustrated as I am with some of the features that seem to contradict each other in Harmony.

harmony is a pretty deep program and there is a lot to learn. i feel that the tutorials do a decent job of going over the basics which can then be applied to more complex stuff.

make sure your lipsync layer isnt being hidden by other layers in front of it. make sure its layered properly in the network view. also keep in mind that you re dealing with Z space as well. is it possible you nudged the mouth layer behind the face shape? or vice versa?

i am currently rendering a pretty complex shot with a camera move, a scrolling BG comprised of several photoshop layers as well as a few 3D layers to help give it some depth as well as a character built in Harmony. thre are things that i feel AE does much better, but there are also things that that i just simply cant do in AE. in fact, i have replaced AE from my workflow almost entirely with harmony. its just a matter of organizing your shot and layering it up a bit at a time.

since you are new to harmony i suggest taking your time and starting small. worked for me :slight_smile: